The Inventory Management System is an integral part of EBoomer and the heart of the Order Allocation Process. This system is highly configurable giving you a snapshot in time of inventory positioning along with trends and analysis.

inventory management system


  • Single view platform for your warehouses / fulfillment centers inventory.
  • Advance inventory management capabilities.
    • Complete paperless operation support.
    • Generating pick slips with exact location to pick item from.
    • Accurate on hand & available counts.
    • Reporting & tracking damage prone items.
    • Tracking items movement from location to location within warehouse.
    • Inventory synchronization across channels.
    • Auto inventory publishing on Channels.
    • Kitting Support.
    • Inventory alerts to maintain certain inventory level as configured.
    • Alerts for unallocated inventory except bins.
    • Receiving / stocking / reserve inventory capability
  • Advance inventory allocation & ordering process.
    • Demand based auto PO generation.
    • First come first server / Priority based order inventory allocations.
    • Moving allocation form order to order for manual interventions.
    • Moving allocated items from locations to location without losing allocation for better Multi SKU per order handling.
  • Handling inventory transfers from warehouse to warehouse / fulfillment centers ( Amazon FBA )