Order Management System

EBoomer is OmniChannel Order Management System ( OMS ). Your customers can place order on a Marketplace, your own Web Store or Wholesale Channel. Customers can also place orders via Email or Phone.

EBoomer brings all the orders in one single view platform for fulfillment.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment

You don't have inventory in your warehouse, EBommer can check for inventory in a fulfillment center ( For example Amazon FBA ) to fulfill your order.

Warehouse Management System

EBoomer gives you separate lines for inventory Receiving & Stocking operations. Put Away plan generation & advance Cycle Count functionality keeps your inventory in check.

Reserve inventory for your wholesale commitments & transfer inventory in between your Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers using EBoomer.

EBoomer gives you capability to do paper-less warehouse operations.

Inventory Management System

EBoomer gives you capability to aggregate your Warehouse, Vendor & Fulfillment Center inventory and make it available on all the Sales Channels. Keep you channels inventory up-to-date by scheduling an auto inventory update using EBoomer.

EBoomer Keeps track of your inventory travel path throughout order fulfillment stages.

On-Demand Procurement

with eBoomer On-Demand procuremtn, you will never order under or over quantities. EBoomer auto creates your PO so the order quantities are matching to the demand. You can receive under or over quantities sent by vendor with ease, also EBoomer let you receive items that are not on PO but sent by vendor.

Configure your preferred vendor or let EBoomer pick preferred vendor for you based on the item cost.

Shipping Integration

Generate shipping labels manually or configure EBoomer to create labels automatically with channel preferred carrier & shipping method. EBoomer gives you capability to differ in between expedite and standard shipping to keep your commitment with channels shipping policy.

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

Handle all your customer issues coming from various different sales channels in one place. No need for expensive third party CRM integration. EBoomer build your customer database & can run analytics to understand shopping trends.

EDI Integration

Have channels that need EDI transactions ? No worries, EBoomer can handle it for you. EBoomer understands EDI documents.

No need for a third party EDI integration.


Start selling on a Marketplace, or your own Web Store under your brand name, setup a Distribution Center or Drop Ship orders for your wholesale customers.

EBoomer fulfillment process is consistent across the channels.


EBoomer Accounts receivable and Accounts Payable let you handle your finances efficiently and accurately. Create an invoice for a retail customer or generate an invoice statement for a wholesale customer, all in one place.

EBoomer can auto generate accounts payable on PO fulfillment.