We have complete Warehouse Management System. This is a very flexible module to let you design a warehouse layout to meet your specific business needs. The system allows you to create reserve areas for reserve inventory, you can receive inventory for order fulfillment or stock keeping.

There is a provision to report items damaged, analytics can be run to pull report on Damage prone items.

The system has capability to let user configure puller by the aisle, which in turn allows system to auto assign puller for the incoming orders and makes pulling a very efficient process.

All warehouse operations are bar code reader enabled to make it efficient for modern day business needs.

warehouse management system


  • Efficient inventory management.
    • Product bin mappings for accurate product location.
    • Receiving & Stocking items capability.
    • Bin or Product wise cycle counts.
    • Reserve inventory capability.
    • Auto put away plan generation.
    • Auto puller assignment for fast pulling.
  • Easy inventory transfer capability.
    • Warehouse to warehouse transfers.
    • Warehouse to fulfillment center.
    • Amazon FBA support.
  • Bar code reader enabled to support paperless warehouse operations.